Shadow raycasting!

This update brings bunch of QoL patches, namely the use of normalized coordinates for positioning (so that when we scale the image, shapes drawn to the image adapt accordingly), new pad control for picking position and also a shadow raycaster!

Shadow raycaster currently offers 2 operations you can use to generate a shadow bitmap for your image:


Generates a shadow bitmap in a respect to a specific position, also provides a way to specify shadow radius.


Generates a shadow bitmap in respect to a chosen direction with a specified shadow length.

Both operations also take the color threshold, which is used to identify light obstacles. Note that these operations do not generate any light, they are only responsible for baking the shadow bitmap.

The shadow bitmap can then be blended with original image, tweaked or used for other purposes.

Have a look at a few samples in attachments!

I plan to focus on gizmos for the next big update, which would be followed by some property pane redesign too!

Have a nice day!

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Version 5 May 24, 2021

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