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zpl.texed is a cross-platform stack-based image generation tool suitable for prototyping textures with pixel art aesthetics. It offers a suite of tools to generate/blend/modify stacked layers and also provides an ability to export bespoke textures into PNG files or packed C header files.

Initially, this tool was made as a part of another project to streamline texture authoring and asset pipeline management. However, over the course of development, we saw the potential outside this project of a tool anyone could use to generate textures effortlessly.

At the moment, the tool offers the ability to save/load projects, export textures to PNG or even a C header file. Texture generation is composed of operators that offer various features enhancing the generated image:

  • Stacking operators can push new images onto to stack or blend with the base image. This allows you to use other operations to influence only a specific layer rather than modify the base image altogether.
  • Color modification operators allow you to tweak colors, flip/rotate images, or resize them. This makes it easy to change how the alpha mask influences the base image or allows you to change the colors of individual layers around.
  • Drawing operators offer a basic set of shape drawing methods and the ability to draw an external PNG image into your texture.
  • Image generation operators are the basis of the tool: they provide an easy way to generate color information and shapes. Combined with other operators, they form a powerful foundation for your generated textures.

The editor itself contains various QoL features to simplify the workflow, notable features are:

  • texture zoom
  • texture tiling mode!
  • operator "breakpoint" mode - allows you to see how your texture looks up to the selected operator!
  • operator locking/hiding - locking ensures the operator can not be moved around nor removed, hiding provides an easy way to disable operator processing, the operator will be excluded from the image generation.

The tool is far from being complete, but we're on a good path! 

That would be all this time, feel free to check the sources out at: https://github.com/zpl-c/texed !


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Version 1 May 20, 2021

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