Editor UI work


Today, I've finally reworked the editor UI we've had in the framework. The old editor supported collapsing menu items only. My goal was to implement horizontal placing (for buttons or side-by-side menu items), graph renderer and several UI components


The biggest issue with the old build was that we couldn't display menu entries next to each other. The only thing we were able to achieve was to collapse items in a contextual menu. However, with the recent work, we can properly place menu entries next to each other without them colliding. 


I found the current profiler lacklusting, so I've decided to implement customizable graph which effectively scales with wild data and also offers various features on top of that. It shows the maxima and minima of your values, as well as the average value (with a horizontal line). Hover over any part of the graph with cursor and it will show you an approximate value between submitted graph nodes with rulers.


As seen above, buttons and sliders are also part of this new update. They can use horizontal spacing to save space vertically and can also by styled optionally.

That is all for today's devblog, I really love working on this stuff so far!


Tech demo for Windows 64-bit 8 MB
Version 10 Apr 24, 2019

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