A downloadable toy game engine for Windows

A toy game engine reflecting on simplicity and retro approach to gamedev. It is currently work in progress.

This game engine runs on Windows as a 64-bit executable. Renderer is backed by Direct3D9 and scripting is powered by Lua 5.4.

Engine is DCC-driven and supports model scene graphs and hierarchy manipulations. 

Engine also provides a hardware lighting support that is very simple to use, it also offers a shader support that is easily expendable and provides rich visuals at low costs.

DISCLAIMER: Assets used within demos are property of their respective owners and are used for educational purposes only. It's disallowed to resell, re-distribute or modify the assets with intent to distribute them for commercial gain, without owners' written permissions. All rights are reserved.

Visit GitHub: NEON86 GitHub


Engine: Quickstart template 3 MB
Version 101 3 days ago
Demo: RTT 3 MB
Version 1 53 days ago
Demo: Music 6 MB
Version 4 26 days ago
Demo: Shadowmapping 3 MB
Version 25 60 days ago
Demo: Desert FPS map 4 MB
Version 21 78 days ago
Demo: Collisions test 3 MB
Version 13 68 days ago
Demo: Minimal playground showcase 7 MB
Version 14 89 days ago
Demo: Mafia scene viewer 5 MB
Version 28 60 days ago
Demo: Shader system showcase 3 MB
Version 5 May 27, 2020
Demo: Terrain shader showcase 24 MB
Version 12 29 days ago
Demo: Space planets simulation 17 MB
Version 10 78 days ago

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