A downloadable tool for Windows

The 3D engine was initially developed by Lonely Cat Games. Now it is being improved by me.

The original game engine is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license as seen here: https://github.com/mice777/Insanity3D/blob/main/LICENSE

The updated fork offers:

  • Editor improvements
  • Decal support
  • PostFX shading (tonemapping + color grading)
  • Improved shadow resolution
  • The shader system was rewritten, the original engine relied on a proprietary NVIDIA shader linker that is already deprecated and lacks support for newer shader models, I've ended up reimplementing the entire linker to support existing shaders I3D had
  • The original repo has small subset of demo gameplay code in a Test project, I have refactored the entire code into a GameFramework project which now contains a baseline foundation for 3D games (mission, actors, scripting, ...) and small EXE projects that use the framework to initialise the game
  • Sound panning was vastly improved and feels more natural
  • Many new game actor additions (Door, Button, Item, Weapon, Human, ...)
  • CEGUI integration
  • Custom build and deployment pipeline, ready to deploy to itch.io or Steam!
  • Codebase ported to work under VS 2022
  • Dot3 bump mapping 
  • Working EAX emulation and support for sound filters.
  • Fixed 3ds Max 2010 plugins
  • WIP x64 branch
  • WIP AI module
  • WIP HLSL surface shader support
  • WIP 4DS model format support


Demo: Sandbox Editor + Sample assets 179 MB
Version 63 Aug 01, 2023
Demo: Jungle scene 155 MB
Version 52 Aug 01, 2023